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Girls with Slingshots – comic strip

I found this webcomic Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto via her interview on Comics Worth Reading.

I went to check out the comic and I love it.  I’m reading the archive and the artwork is a pleasure to lookat and the characters are easy to distinguish.  It seems as thought the art style changes over time but the new look is still appealing.

And the stories have good punchlines but also have some story arcs. The topics include looking for work, bars, blind dates, dates in general, Hazel talking to her cactus. My favorite topic is Hazel and her friend Jamie’s romantic misadventures.  I like Jamie a lot.  Here’s a link to my favorite Jamie strip so far.

Basically, if you like Devil’s Panties, you’ll like Girls with Slingshots.

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3 thoughts on “Girls with Slingshots – comic strip

  1. rosekat08 on said:

    If I was a quirky comic strip character I would totally own a Venus Fly Trap named, Venus….

  2. rosekat08 on said:

    Or a fish named Ophelia who drowned at the end of every strip.

  3. And a talking albatross who comes up with wacky plans.

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