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1001 Movies (162-221)

You know that book, “1001 movies you must watch before you die”?  When I was reading through the lists, I was thinking that if I were going to die in say, a year, I wouldn’t actually spend 2 hours out of my last 365 days on some of these movies.  So, I’m going through and deciding whether I think the movies on this list are all that great.  Fine morbid fun.

Movies 1-60 ::  Movies 61-100 ::  Movies 101-160 :: Movies 162-220

Movies 221-260 ::  Movies 261-300

On the rating system:
Watch anytime:  Superb entertainment
Repeat viewing: Good entertainment
Worth once: if you’ve nothing better to do
Historical significance: not for pleasure

163. Shadow of a Doubt 1943
Type: mystery
Rating: worth once
Comments: This is worth watching but it’s not a necessity. See my full comments.

165. Meet Me in St. Louis 1944
Type: period
Rating: repeat viewing
Comments: I think this is like Little Women – a kind of all-American must-see for girls. I don’t know about the boys.  It’s my favorite Judy Garland musical – even better than Wizard of Oz. Fav moments: the Trolley song and the heartbreaking scene with the snowmen.

167. Laura 1944
Type: mystery
Rating: historical significance
Comments: This did not work for me.  But you could watch if your life is that meaningless.  See my full comments.

168. Gaslight 1944
Type: suspense
Rating: worth once
Comments:Fun woman-in-jeopardy film but not a must see.  It’s also amusing to see Angela Lansbury as a very young woman.

171. Double Indemnity 1944
Type: crime
Rating: repeat value
Comments: YES YES YES – I don’t really like film noir that much and I LOVED this one.  The storytelling is still razor-sharp, and the characters are fascinating.

182. Brief Encounter 1945
Type: romance
Rating: historical significance
Comments: This one made me gag.  Everyone appears to love it.  They’re probably right.  But…the only character I liked was the cuckolded husband.  I don’t think he deserved his stupid wife.

187. Beauty and the Beast 1946
Type: fantasy
Rating: repeat viewing
YES. This should be seen by anyone who enjoys fairy tales or fantasy.

188. Big Sleep 1946
Type: mystery
Rating: repeat viewing
Comments: This one is my favorite Humphrey Bogart movie.  It’s perfect for him, which makes it perfect for watching.  I prefer watching movies in groups but this one is best watched alone on a rainy evening.

194. It’s a Wonderful Life 1946
Type: fantasy
Rating: repeat viewing
Comments: Yeah – I know it was running each Christmas for years.  But it’s still quite good.

195. Gilda 1946
Type: crime
Rating: worth once
Comments: I haven’t seen this one in a while.  As I recall, it was a well done piece of drama.

197. Out of the Past 1947
Type: crime
Rating: worth once
Comments: Solid movie.  See my full comments.

198. Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1947
Type: fantasy
Rating: worth once
Comments: This one drags in the last half hour but charming enough at the beginning.  A nice contribution to the Gothic/Paranormal romance with a couple of well-drawn characters.

206. Rope 1948
Type: crime
Rating: historical significance
Comments: Dull. Dull. Dull.  I can believe that some incredibly sensitive and thoughtful people have had their life changed by this movie.  Didn’t work for me.

220. The Third Man 1949
Type: spy
Rating: worth once
Comments: In a humanity-is-worthless kind of way, this is very much worth seeing.  My full comments.

After the break is the full list from 162 to 221:
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Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

This movie was recommended to me a long time ago by moviesmusic whomI should thank.

Mike Dixon (Dana Andrews) is a cop who is reprimanded by his superiors for getting rough with suspects.  On his next case, he makes a mistake and tries to cover it up; miring himself deeper in trouble.

The movie is very much the moral dilemma for the Mike but Otto Preminger keeps this one moving fast and Andrews does a good job of keeping me rooting for him.

Morgan Taylor (Gene Tierney) is lovely and looks too glamorous for the movie as a whole. 

It was very satisfying to watch.

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