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10 good horror movie sites

  1. link.  Good horror movie guides.
    specials: beginner’s shelf, best indie horror
  2. link. Classy site; thorough reviews.
    specials: shocktober classics 2009, the masters
  3. Fearful link.  Capsule reviews.
    specials: Halloween favorites, Clive Barker adaptations.
  4. link.  History of horror films.
    specials: scariest movie moments, best film death scenes
  5. Horror link.  Useful database.
    specials: cover gallery, horror subgenres
  6. Horror Movie a Day link. Actually, it’s a blog but it functions as a site.   specials: Glossary; What is horror
  7. Snowblood Apple link backgrounds are distracting but review is worth the trouble.  You can, of course, remove the page style.
  8. Upcoming Horror  link.  good resource for movies in production.
    specials: foreign films, remakes
  9. link.  Movie review, then werewolf review.
  10. link. Movie review, then zombie review.
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