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When in Rome (2010)

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I had some hope for this romantic comedy about a woman named Beth (Kristen Bell) who takes coins from a magical fountain of love in Rome. She is soon pursued by the men who threw them in the fountain.  This is inconvenient and fairly humorous because four unsuitable men become besotted with her.  The real problem is that she took a coin that belonged to a man she’s beginning to fall for.

Kristen Bell stars and was endearing in Reefer Madness the musical and the Veronica Mars TV series.  But, somehow, she’s not particularly endearing here.  I don’t think it’s her.  I blame the director and the dreadful script.

Part of  the problem is the unfunny pairing of physical comedy and loopy love story.  That pairing can work, see:  Bringing Up Baby (1938).  It’s ill-matched here, though.

Bell and Joshua Duhamel (Nick) have as much chemistry as two pleasant people who happen to be standing in the same line at the bank.  It made me miss Logan from Veronica Mars.

Like most romantic comedies these days, the only real entertainment is in the supporting cast.  Bobby Moynihan as Puck is truly funny, and Puck and Nick have the most real relationship in the film. Jon Heder as the wacky magician was funny but not a creeper like the other swains.  It was nice to see Pedro (Efren Ramirez) again too.

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