I gave A Monstrous Regiment of Women to my mom. I thoroughly enjoyed it because of the scholarly heroine and the topic of female religious leader. My mother enjoys mysteries but she dislikes Sherlock Holmes and won’t even watch movies with his character. So, I wonder how she’ll react to it.

For Roz, I found Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I know she enjoys Meg Cabot and Blood and Chocolate and Tamora Pierce. I thought that this Buffy-esque character would appeal to her. Roz told me that the beginning seems unfocused to her.

Personally, I enjoyed it and hope there is a sequel but I thought the exposition was a bit clunky.

Aellura got Cat’s Fancy by Julie Kenner. It’s so lightweight you have to hold down the book while you are reading it. But it does have humor and fantasy, so I think it will suit her.


One thought on “A Monstrous Regiment of Women; Blood and Chocolate, Cat’s Fancy

  1. I’m not dissing on Sunshine, I really do like it. I just meant that the begining was off to a strange start. Like you said the exposition is clunky but tis very good.

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