American Pop (1981)

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This is the story of four generations of America reflected in the pop music of each one’s day.  Each one is a musician of some sort, although they were not that successful.

The rotoscoping really bothers people online and real people I talked to.  Surely, it’s just a primitive form of motion capture.   It didn’t bother me in American Pop as much as it did in Wizards.  It was annoying there. But in AP, everything was bright and the features of the characters didn’t blur together as much as usual.

Many people including Ms. H felt that the story was shallow and the characterization slight.  I can’t disagree with her on that.

 Nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie because it felt fresh.  There are not a lot of animated movies like it.  We’ve got Pixar movies for kids.  We have teen movies thanks to anime.  But not a lot of movies about grownup topics.  There are not many animated dramas on any level.


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