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Happy Feet, 2006
I didn’t recognize many of the songs and I felt

old.  The characters were all likable and it was easy to root for the tap dancing hero.

Some reviewers felt the movie was didactic but I thought the movie had done a good job of foreshadowing the humans intrusion on the penguin world.  It was emotional but not wrong.

Night at the Museum, 2006

I wonder if Ben Stiller is moving toward Serious Acting.  His character was pretty normal this time.  Owen Wilson stole every scene as the belligerent cowboy and the wimpy Octavius the Roman Centurion was great too.

It seems a shame that they dragged in Sacajawea and had her stand still for most of the movie.  I thought there were other love interests more suitable for her too.  Also, where was her baby?

Overall, it was not surprising or different but it was pleasant.

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