I have to admit that I disliked this movie.

The camera seemed to be constantly zooming around except for one scene.  The detective knows the murderer is loose and he hears a man yelling for help.  The detective runs to the window.  The camera S=L=O=W=L=Y pans around where the screaming guy is crashing through the window.  It was very irritating.

Even the exposure of the villain seems unduly improbable.

One of the characters is an exceptionally suave cook to a rich jerk. The cook turns out to be an art historian who assists the rich jerk in amassing invaluable Chinese art.  The art historian’s reason is that the rich jerk promised to never sell them. The bastard does sell as soon as he finds a buyer. (Why not arrange for a museum to acquire the pieces? Makes no sense.)

Anyway. Not satisfactory in period interest or story or even film making.

conclusion: skip it

FilmFanatic.org review.


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