The professor brought up whether blogs were important and I broke my metaphorical radio silence to argue that they were. He asked if librarians should catalogue them. Another student said there were too many. The professor asked if we should archive them as well. I had no immediate response and the professor changed the subject.

I still think that blogs should be catalogued despite there being so many. There are lots of books, journals, movies, images, and sound recordings. That hasn’t stopped librarians from trying to catalogue them.

Second, some websites have their archived old versions available to the public. I don’t see why old versions of websites shouldn’t be archived, especially because some people wipe them after they’ve stopped updating them.


2 thoughts on “assembling my thoughts….

  1. Hmmm…. You’re right that most people don’t read blogs, according to the studies.

    Still, the unconstrained musings of millions of people! That will sustain the USA’s humanities departments for at least the next millennium. You can’t be arguing that we deny academia their future?

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