Zinnia by Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz). Back-story: frozen humans travel space; their ship wakes them up when it finds a viable planet; the ship begins to malfunction and all humanity’s knowledge is on the verge of being lost; humans frantically try to save everything they can but much is lost.

Over time, humans develop an odd social structure and certain psi abilities make themselves manifest. Humans with these abilities are useful but considered frightening and almost substandard. Some humans have matrix powers and can see patterns in numbers, weather, art forgeries and so on. However, they need a prism person to focus their powers.

The story of this book is that a woman who is deemed unmatchable in her society because of her prism powers meets a man who is a strong matrix. There is murder, scandal, ambition, sex and a cult. It was pretty entertaining. I wish more futuristic romances were like this.


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