heartI’ve read some in the romance genre, so I had to scrounge a bit to find new authors from the reader advisory book. Also, I wanted to be sure they were at my local library. I know I can inter-library loan but that can be a hassle.

The romances in my 5 book challenge are:

1. Julie Garwood’s For the Roses. A long time ago, I read a Medieval romance of hers which I liked. I’m looking forward to this one.  Edit: not available.
2. Nora Robert’s Jewels of the Sun. I’ve never read anything by her. This story is about ghosts and pubs and Ireland.

3. Rachel Gibson’s It Must be Love. She’s known for her humor.  Edit: not available.

4. Susan Krinard’s To Catch a Wolf. A paranormal. I’ve heard of her.  Edit: chose another of her books.

5. Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. I’ve seen the movie which didn’t impress me but I’ll give the book a try.

My sister-in-law lent me a bunch of romances that I haven’t finished, so I’ll probably wait on these until I’m done with hers.

Next I’m going to work on horror. yum.


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