I have to admit to admit I had a horrible headache while watching this movie and can’t discuss it fully.

Bulldog Drummond, a detective not over-endowed with the gray cells, is getting married.

He gets to put the wedding on hold when one of the wedding presents, a synthetic diamond, is stolen.  This was more of an action film than a mystery.

The yo-yo that one of the detectives was carrying amused me.  I think they were super-popular about the time this movie was made.

There was, unfathomably, a penguin. I sat through much of the movie hoping the baby penguin would show up again.

I’m sure both March of the Penguin and Happy Feet were directly inspired by some moviemaker watching this movie and thinking, Penguins, yeah!  Who doesn’t want to watch penguins?

Some of the healthy people watching this movie said it was entertaining.


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