I was looking at my last 60 Netflix rentals today. I wasn’t surprised to see about 20 of them were mysteries from my mystery kick and that 10 of them were horror movies. 

That was left over from the horror movie binge my brother and I went on.  We watched all the horror movies from the 70s onward we’d missed because our spouse/roommates don’t like them.

But I haven’t watched any SF movies for a long time and none of the suggested movies look interesting.  I really liked 12 Monkeys; Serenity; Westworld; Quiet Earth.  Of course, Star Wars, Fifth Element, Blade Runner.

I’m a bit tired of the gore in all these mysteries and the horror movies.  I’d rather avoid an Aliens or The Fly but I don’t mind action.  I’d rather not see any from the 1950s or earlier. 

 Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “SF movie suggestions?

  1. Given the list of movies you’ve seen and liked, I recommend Impostor (2002). Not a particularly well-known Sci-fi movie, but I really enjoyed it.

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