After I starting my my online manga order, I realized that I needed to choose two more manga to get the free shipping.

This took some serious thought. My official rule for myself is to collect only three series at a time. But now I was completing a series, From Far Away.

I added a Red River title. I’m way behind in collecting this series because the art seemed a little cartoony, and I didn’t try it. But I became committed to the story after a book or two.

Yuri and Kail

An ordinary-Japanese-schoolgirl Yuri gets sucked into the ancient Hittite kingdom and turns out to be extra special. Just like Noriko in From Far Away, pretty much everyone in the Hittite kingdom wants kill Yuri.

She meets a Hittite prince, Kail Mursili, who has apparently has this mental list: 1. conquer the known world. 2. bed the ordinary-Japanese-schoolgirl. 3. look hotter, if possible.

He’s not nearly so cool as Izark but he’s grown on me. Kail started out self-centered and ludicrously arrogant. But slowly, he has become more compassionate to those around him.

Plus, he’s having no luck achieving no. 2 on his list. Yuri has been determined to elude him.

When Kail revealed that he and Yuri had not had sex yet, his male friends were horrified. They suggested all kinds of remedies to correct his problem. My favorite was the medicinal curative bath.

The story is bloody and sexually suggestive, and actions have consequences that can’t be undone. Yuri was never that helpless and as the series has gone on, she has become stronger and stronger. I can see why the military prince Kail has fallen for her completely.

I knew nothing about the Hittites and I admit that I cheated and researched quite a bit to figure out what would happen to Kail and Yuri. Even if I didn’t like Yuri, I’d probably follow this title.

Yep, so that went on my order.


13 thoughts on “comfort manga: Red River

  1. I saw Red Rive(in Chinese) about five years ago from now. I like it. I saw From Far Away(in Chinese) about three years ago from now . I like it too. There is another book I know is just like red river and From far Away. It is call Nile Girl. This is a graphic novels, and historical. It is a story base on the king Tut(Egypt) but not king Tut. Nile girl came before the Red river and From far Away. A lot of people said Red River is base on the Nile girl. Nile girl is talk about a modern girl who gets sucked into the ancient Egypt kingdom and turns out to be extra special just like Red river and meet the young king of Egypt. Because it is a very old graphic novels l think they only get Japanese and Chinese vision. I don’t know if they have a English one. If it do you can take a try. It is a nice book too.

  2. Hi Bin,

    Nile Girl sounds really good. I love stories set in Ancient Egypt, and I wish I could read this one but as far as I can tell it hasn’t been translated into English. *sigh*

    But at least I can keep watching for it.

    That’s interesting that my two favorite series were based on Nile Girl but it makes sense. If you’ve got a great story, there’s no point in letting it go to waste.

  3. Hi again !
    Could you please telle me where I can get the scans of volume 20-to the end of Red River also know as Anatolia Story ??

    Thank you if you could send me tyhe response by e-mail !

    Bye !

    Ps:by the way my name is Charlotte,I love the name Yuki because it means SNOW ^^ !

  4. “There is another book I know is just like red river and From far Away. It is call Nile Girl. This is a graphic novels, and historical. It is a story base on the king Tut(Egypt) but not king Tut. Nile girl came before the Red river and From far Away.”

    When you say nile girl is it the book called daughter of the nile? i am not sure if you are refering to that one or not cuz daughter of the nile already has English scanslations for those that don’t know

  5. i luv red river iv read up to volume 19 but cant find 20 21 22 23 24 25 but i found volume 26 (last ep ) can u plz send me it or upload it somewhere plz am sure me and other ppl will be very grateful xxxx

    leckie xx

  6. I am having the same problem of finding vol20-25 of red river. if you can upload it or send it to me, I will be eternally grateful.

  7. I know has 1 – 20 scanlated and uploaded but I have yet to find any after that point. Why is it taking so long? The manga came out in Japan in ’95

  8. hey I would love if i could read all of Daughter of the nile. Luv it. I read all of red river except 21-25. And that includes 26-28 volumes, where yuri gets married. so good. I have the english translations. >.<

  9. what I didn’t understand ! untill now I readed till chapter 51 ( volume 19 ) in onemanga and I know here are missing volume are there just 21+22+23+24+25 or there is more and if you know where I ould read them evn in japanease

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