Aishiteruze Baby
Image by Emmey via Flickr

For my last purchase, I had several possibilities. I could get another Red River or I could choose Kare First Love, or Basara, or a few other titles.

Finally, after reading Aishiteruze Baby vol. 1 again, I decided to get the second book. A little girl Yuzuyu is left behind by her mother. The rest of the family nominates Yuzuyu’s teenage male cousin Kippei to take care of her.

Kippei is too busy trying to build up his junior Casanova reputation to worry about taking care of a kid. His extremely ferocious elder sister forces him to start.

Luckily Yuzuyu has a secret weapon: she is unbelievably cute. Well, not that unbelievable. I mean Japanese comic artists are the masters of cute.

Even Kippei is sucked in by it and starts taking care of her and caring about her.

He hasn’t realized it yet but his classmate Kokoro, a girl he’s been pursuing without success, is starting to like him because he’s taking care of Yuzuyu.

The one quibble I have with the story is that Kippei is supposed to be this ultimate hunk and he looks kinda weird to me. But whatever, I’ll go with it.

The story is fairly similar to Baby and Me and I think it is an established story line in Japan. But it is still charming to me. I like all the little stuff: her lunch box and her crayons and visits to the park.

And Yuzuyu’s so pitiful that I have to see her feel safe and happy again.

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