My friends and I used to have two-day parties but as people have moved on with their lives, it stopped.  The parties were not elegant and not rock-star crazy but they were deep vats of silly.  It still makes me grin to remember them.

The first day is the activity day and the second day is the breakfast ritual.

One activity day, about 15 of us decided to dye our hair red.  It was messy and took a long time and we looked awful.  We couldn’t stop laughing though.

One time a couple had planned to renew their wedding vows in Vegas but she broke her ankle and felt too uncomfortable to travel.  So we decorated ourselves and the room in a “Vegas” style.  Some people made the regrettable choice to perform a floor show.  One of the guys agreed to wear a white jumpsuit and an Elvis wig to officiate.  I have to say, I’d never seen the bride so happy.

One New Year’s party, we set fireworks.  For some reason, the activity was very gender segregated.  The men set the fireworks.  The women stood on a snow-covered hill and drank champagne.  The moon was full.  Just before the “big finale,” one woman starting howling at the moon.  All the women joined in, about 8 of us, baying like a pack of wolves at the full moon and the fireworks.

I can’t explain why something so incredibly stupid is one of my best memories.

Anyway, somehow we’re going to have another one.  Everyone who has been notified is saying, “One of those parties.  Yeah, I’m taking the day off and I’m there.”

This one is an art party, and right now nothing much is settled.  There is talk of a puppet opera, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood style.  I have been nominated to prepare a “script” based on the fairytale The Golden Goose.

But then I got a phone call telling me to subsitute a golden calf for the goose.

I got another call telling me I needed to work in a spot for a rap song by Darth Vader.

I’m grinning already.

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