Well, there wasn’t any screaming of note but there was a very pleasant mystery and an early Film Noir.  It starred Victor Mature as a sports promoter and Betty Grable as the girl who crushes on him.   Then, when her sister is murdered, it looks like Mature did it since he was found with the dead body and all.  I arrogantly thought I had it pegged it at the beginning but I was wrong.

 The minor characters were entertaining. Elisha Cook was on hand as the night desk clerk.  Good to see him again.

The investigating cop (Laird Craig) reminded me of Marlon Brando for some reason.  His size and his line delivery, I think.  The guy did a good job with his character.

There was one amusingly gratuitous scene in which Mature and Grable go swimming.  It had nothing to do with the plot or the tone of the rest of the movie.  But it was cute and lighthearted and I had no complaints.

There were Venetian blinds and strong contrasting lighting, close ups and weird camera angles.  There was corruption and a femme fatale (sort of).

There were some cute lines:

“He couldn’t kill mice.”

“You’ve got a heart of rock candy.”

“Who can live without hope?”  “It can be done.”

Mild Spoiler

The Obsession Altar surprised me.  I didn’t realize the shrine to the beloved by the creepy killer guy had appeared on screen that early.  It was a fairly modest one compared the ones in current movies.  It’s disturbing to think it has been building up so long in cinema.

Nevertheless, the movie itself was satisfying.


2 thoughts on “I Wake Up Screaming (1941)

  1. I thought it was really intresting to see betty grable in this kind of movie! I like her better in song and dance musicals though!

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