This is the follow up to the art party I mentioned before.

There is a big picture window at the house where the party was, and people drew all over it with markers.  We blew up about four packages of pink and black balloons and hung them on red ribbons on the front porch.

We drifted into making some music.  Well, some of us were in the music camp and some of us were in the noise camp.  I think we averaged to sound.  My brothers played their didgeridoos which was fun.

The rest of us unpacked a percussion set and each picked a piece.  I firmly fall into the noise camp but I had lots of fun.  That part lasted over an hour.

Then we set up a long table and piled all our art supplies on it.  We decided on sock puppets.  We had glitter glue, felt, tulle, Styrofoam, spray paint, marker pens, cardboard, and lots and lots of scraps of cloth.  Most of the socks were white or gray.  And we had a hot glue gun.

I mentioned before that we were going to do a puppet show of The Golden Goose. I worked on the fairytale king.  He had a yellow felt crown decorated with glitter glue.  He had red and gold tassel belt and a red robe.

At one point during my making of him, I needed the hot glue gun.  I guess I smoothed the wrinkles in the cloth too hard because a big dollop of hot glue got all over my hand.

I wiped some of it off and then it began to burn and I shook my hand because it hurt so much.  Hot glue is stringy and some of it hit my brother’s arm.  It raised this big, painful-looking blister on his arm.

I apologized a lot and then he went back to puppet making.  I’m not as tough and had to put my blistered hand in a cup of ice for a whole episode of American’s Top Model.

One of the models said they were going to Tokyo where people spoke Tokyoan.  I felt an affinity with her after the hot glue fiasco.  Needless to say, I was banned from using the hot glue gun.

I’m talking more than I expected, so I’ll finish the rest later.


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