I have been subscribing to Shojo Beat for 2 years now. I thought I’d go over the titles they’ve featured.



(image play-my-hearts)

Godchild by Kaori Yuki. I never could get into this mystery series about an amateur detective in Victorian England.The stories never made sense, even when the secret was revealed. Even though the characters claimed they had strong passions, they mostly posed in Gothic outfits and looked sullen. I stopped reading it altogether several months before they dropped the title. (one of the original 6)

SeiKaze Hikaru by Taeko Watanabe. I liked this series about a girl, Sei, who disguises herself as boy and joins the Mibu-Roshi. Okita Soji is her mentor and sort of love interest. Sei was brave and likable, if a bit hot-tempered.

It was an odd mix of low comedy and high honor. I was sorry when they dropped the title. (one of the original 6)

crimson heroCrimson Hero by Mitsuba Takanashi. Nobara, a girl from a traditional family is determined to play volleyball no matter what. Nobody wants her to play, no girls wanted to play with her, and nobody wants her team to win.

I enjoy this one sometimes. The artwork is very attractive and it is nice to see a sports title. My teenage sister likes it much more than I do. (one of the original 6)

nanaNana by Ai Yazawa. Two Nanas, a rocker and a crybaby, decide to room together and make their fortune. I hated this one at first but now I’m fairly hooked on the drama.

Somehow, their silly, shallow problems have gotten under my skin. I’m really concerned how their careers and love lives are going to turn out. It’s like a Japanese Questionable Content with much better clothes. (one of the original 6)

baby and meBaby and Me by Marimo Ragawa. After the death of his mother, a ten year old boy takes her role in nurturing his (infinitely adorable) baby brother Minoru.

I thought it would be boring. But it has consistently held my attention, and even the lesser installments are worth reading. My mother likes it even more than I do. (one of the original 6)

backstage princeBackstage Prince by Kanoko Sakurakoji. A girl starts working as an assistant to a moody star of kabuki theater. This is a very sweet romance with a slightly unusual background. (replaced Kaze Hiraku)

Absolute BoyfriendAbsolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase. A ditzy girl orders an android lover from the future. He turns out to be naive and earnest and programmed to adore her. However, a human boy is silently in love with her as well.

Early on this one was my favorite title with its goofy love triangle. But lately it seems to be rehashing the same situations and problems. The last issue did have a couple of interesting twists. (one of the original 6)

vampire knightVampire Knight by Matsuri Hino. Two classes of students attend a private school: human students by day and vampire students by night.

A moody boy and a sweet girl are the guardians protecting the humans from the vampire’s appetites. Unfortunately, the guardians have very divided loyalties and painful pasts to deal with.

I loved Hino’s series Marchen Prince but it has taken me longer to get into this series. The last two chapters have been interesting and I’ll continue to give it a chance. (replaced Godchild)

Dream ShoppeYume Kira Dream Shoppe by Aqua Mizuto. The keeper of a magic shop is a kind of match-maker for couples. This new series is cute. I’ll have to see how it goes. (replaced Backstage Prince)

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