So, back to the party.  Somebody made a bald man puppet, a drunk puppet with beer bottle caps for eyes, and a Jack (because all guys in fairy tales are named Jack) who had silver dreadlocks.  He was quite dashing. 

I worked on a girl puppet with a royal blue gown and hair made out of a coffee filter.  I spray painted the filter black and folded it to look like hair.  She was fetching.

One woman worked on the golden cow puppet.  She used Styrofoam to build up its face and she painted the sock and the coffee filter hair with gold.  She said it looked like an ostrich.  It looked reptilian to me.  But it was noticeable, that’s for sure.

My brothers worked on the Star Wars cast mostly.  They made a really creepy Emperor who was not a sock but black cloth and cardboard.  They made a amazing Darth Vader.  His helmet was carved out of Styrofoam and painted black.  Luke had blond hair.

I don’t know if anyone has every seen the puppets that morph from Red Riding Hood to the Wolf and so on when you fold them back?  Anyway, for some reason, they did that with Obi Wan and Yoda.  They weren’t particularly recognizable, except for Yoda’s ears but it was really weird and super-elaborate.  For some reason, Yoda ended up with silver glitter glue eyes.

Lots of people worked on the princess.  She started out with a veil instead of hair but then somebody wanted her to look like Leia.  Another woman used pipe cleaners to represent her hair style.

I decided to give her a slinky gold gown made out of an opera-length glove.  The guys insisted that she have breasts because she was a princess.  Maybe they were thinking of Disney’s Jasmine.  Anyway, another person took on the project of bosom construction.  She ended up looking like an ugly Mae West to my eyes. People were stunned.

We had the play.  The idea was that everyone would try to entertain the princess and make her laugh.  We had a cute folksong about laundry and kissing; the golden cow sang a beautiful hymn which was so funny with its ears and hair flopping; the Darth Vader song was really funny too.

Yoda stood in for the fairy godmother of the story and guided Jack.  Since my brothers were playing those parts, their conversation got really elaborate.  Finally, Jack brought back the golden cow with everyone clinging to it for the princess who couldn’t laugh (my puppet).  Actually I tried not to, but I was laughing through the whole thing.

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