My latest Gentle Read author. Gentle Reads are pleasant, predictable, conventional and more comforting than mint chocolate ice cream.

Her plots are usually the same. The men are the old-school kind: rude, rich, and domineering heroes. They are invariably Dutch doctors, usually brilliant surgeons.

The women are nurses and a little more mature than most old-fashioned romance heroines.

There is a scene in which the surgeon and the nurse perform an emergency or difficult operation. I like these scenes because the heroine is poised and confident. The doctor/lover is brilliant, of course. I think Neels was a nurse before she retired to write.

There are lots of descriptions of domestic tasks and miniature travelogues.

You only get kisses. They are the old-school kind: crushing and bruising. (hee). Yeah, I know it was a metaphor but sounds like somebody talking about how they broke their foot or something.

This description hardly makes the book sound palatable but when I want a GR, Neels hits the spot.


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