It’s not exactly Tampopo but this TV drama Bambino  (April 2007) is entertaining enough.  It’s based on a manga about a college kid Ban.  He leaves his small town restaurant and goes to work in a kitchen in Tokyo.  He doesn’t understand the Italian terms and he isn’t fast enough. 

I didn’t think he was particularly arrogant (from my cultural perspective) but apparently he alienates all the other cooks. If you hate seeing tyros getting taken down a peg, you probably won’t like it.  I cringed a lot.

The actor Jun Matsumoto  does a good job of portraying the naive chef.  He had roles in Tokyo Tower and Kimi Wa Petto.  I’ve seen the latter.  He is also part of a boy band, Arashi.

This is the part one of the first episode of Bambino. It was subtitled by fans and na6ar3b0sh1  (update: user suspended) has uploaded all 8 parts.  Part 7/8 has bad sound but the subtitles tell the story. 

And for those who care, Matsumoto is very pretty.

(update: the episode link is dead.  followup post here.)


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