Izark & Noriko by tatiakaFrom Far Away by Kyoko Hikawa

(Image by Titiaka)

Volumes 12, 13, & 14. (making it book 23, 24, and 25)

The ending of my favorite manga series did not disappoint, except in one small respect.

I couldn’t believe that Noriko and Izark didn’t get a kiss at the end! Evidently, the creator never saw Princess Bride. Because if she had, she’d know it’s OK to put in kissing, and people don’t mind it so much.

I went online to look for fan art of the couple kissing but I couldn’t find any. Other than this grievous error, the last 3 volumes were just about perfect.

Noriko comes under the power of the boss villain, Rachef. There is a tense confrontation between Noriko and Rachef. I was completely disturbed because he is a real sociopath, and sweet, helpless Noriko couldn’t protect herself. But it was interesting to see his point of view because it made him scarier than he was before.

If I didn’t already adore Izark, then his reaction to Noriko’s injuries would have completely won me over.

Of course, there was a huge battle with ugly monster-things popping up all over the place. Izark battled his arch-rival Keimos in a big fight. That Keimos guy never quits.

But I have to say, I really wasn’t expecting it to resolve the way it did. I feel a little too cynical to fully embrace the sheer goodness and love that poured out of the last book. But I accept it within the context of the story. Plus, Noriko gets to be cool for once.

There were lots of postscripts showing what happened in the aftermath. I have a feeling the creator didn’t want to let them go.

(…no kiss…humph…)


4 thoughts on “From Far Away (to my heart)

  1. The From Far Away series was an excellent and a great fast read! It is such, because it starts the romance off slow and steady, but climaxes into a very good romance story filled with dramma, authentic battle scenes, mystical powers develope, and were mythical creatures transform! And the story it’s self transforms into a very exciting well rounded “classic story” with the battle between good vs. evil.

    But I must disagree with the first comment. Not sure exactly which volume it was, but the characters do eventually kiss (perhaps in volumes 11 – 13) when Izark confesses his true feelings to Noriko and they “officially” become a couple. (Even though Izark still feels uncertain of sharing this with others.) However, the first review is correct, since there are not very many fan art drawings of the characters.
    (Perhaps the author could do some sort of spin off series to satisfy the readers who are more into the relationship between Noriko and Izark.)

  2. Hi Mimi,

    Noriko and Izark had a couple of intensely dramatic kisses, and a later a couple of sweet ones.

    I think I’m just spoiled because I expect a kiss at the conclusion of a romantic show. And I noticed it simply because of that. In every other respect, it was satisfying conclusion.

    It would be great to see a follow up story about them but I suspect the author didn’t have much more to say.

  3. I am utterly obsessed w/ this series. I read teh manga maybe..10x!!!!!
    I agree that there being no kiss in the end was a bit disappointing but I want more…I don’t want to let go of them…like it said in teh end, where teh assistants and author and editors wrote, i wanna make sure they get married, wanna see that. . But other wise this was a very emotional, exciting, and as kisses go(except for the fact that there wasn’t one in the end) they were excellently well timed and passionate. I really relate to Noriko.

    PS: I wanna see the family meet Izark…LOL

  4. Hi Rashel,

    I too would love to see Izarka and Noriko’s family meet.

    The ending to From Far Away was dramatic and almost perfect. I like Noriko a lot too.

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