My Fair Temtress by Christina Dodd

Caroline, a woman whose only skill is flirtation, is hired to makeover Jude who has zero appeal. He acts dumb, waves a handkerchief a lot, and insults women whenever he comes into their vicinity. His reason is that he is a Spy.

I didn’t like it at all.

-The tone was uneven.

-His “disguise” was pathetic: he is young, healthy, titled, rich and handsome. Most women would have forgiven his handkerchief then. Most would now, for that matter.

-She was oddly knowledgeable and aggressive in the bedroom arts considering that she was a middle class Victorian virgin.

-And, at one point, he threatened her with a knife. Under fairly unforgivable circumstances.

It was just not for me.

All About Romance has a more positive review.


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