Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet edited by Karen Hellekson

I got this book because the whole field of fan fic intrigues me but I don’t know much about it.

The first couple of articles about it were helpful. I learned how the early fans of the original Star Trek were mostly women and how the romantic pairing between Spock and Kirk developed. The way the authors described it made sense to me for once.

They theorize that fans like the pairing of equals and the spiritual closeness that might occur in high-stress situations. I bought it. I even thought of pairings between other male characters in my favorite movies and books that would be entertaining.

The essays are for an academic audience and many of the terms are coined for the particular essay. On top of that, many of the essays assumed that the readers are familiar with fan interaction and fan fiction. A lot of it was hard going.

My only real problem was with the part about male pregnancy. The story was that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are lovers, and that Potter has magically impregnated Malfoy.

The pregnancy didn’t bother me; I’ve seen Junior. What did bother me was that Malfoy is suffering from morning sickness. It boggled my mind. Why would you wish morning sickness on anyone?

One of the theories in the essays are that the male characters are disguised women.

OK, but does this apply to every aspect of female biology? Are Wolverine (X-men) and Spike (Buffy), in a fan fic, bickering over whose turn it is to buy the sanitary pads?

If there is, please, please, please, don’t tell me about it. My mind is still boggled.


5 thoughts on “book 27: Fan Fiction and Fan Communites

  1. I went to a Harry Potter Conference once, and I had the misfortune to attend a “slash” reading. I had never heard of “slash” before and was traumatized. Geh.

    Consider my mind boggled as well.

  2. Um, wow.

    Well, here’s to being mind boggled…

    OK, so I had a reply but it was too long to include here…so I made another post.

  3. Art: HP does rock.

    Adrienne: to follow up, I really don’t understand the appeal of changing the basic story so completely. I don’t understand the motivation behind it. And a few of them I’ve seen border on the mean-spirited.

    I made a post and deleted it because I really don’t have it all sorted out in my head.

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