The Cipher by Kathe Koja

Nicholas, a shiftless young man, discovers a hole of sinister blankness in the utility closet of his apartment building. His sometime girlfriend Nakota names it the Funhole. Both of them are unhealthily drawn to it but Nakota determines to find out what it’s made of.

She lowers things into it and they come out different and wrong. Finally, she lowers a camera into it. What she records…isn’t good. What’s worse is that each time it is watched, it changes.

This book is one of my horror “5 book challenges.” It was described as splatter punk, as a particularly violent kind of horror. I was nervous about it because regular horror can be upsetting enough for me.

This one didn’t seem that rough to me. My strongest feeling, while reading it, was the desire to find a mop bucket and a big trash can and clean the protagonist’s house. It sounded like it needed it.


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