The Third Man, 1949

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This one is really famous so I was worried. 

A Western-novel author Holly Martins goes to Vienna to meet his good friend of 20 years, Harry Lime. Unfortunately, Harry has just been run over by a car.

So, Holly goes to his funeral. He notices a pretty woman and other weird mourners. Slowly, bit by bit he decides to solve the mystery of his friend’s death.

Everything is far more convoluted than he could have ever imagined. He gets in way over his head. He changes from being a mouthy lout to a hero.

The girl is exotic and does a good job. All the creepies are creepy and nobody, even the good guy, impress as good guys.

I especially liked the footage and the location shots of post World War II Vienna. The atmosphere of desperate greed and moral gray tones were arresting.

Yeah, so a good movie. Worth your time.


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