This is a Japanese live-action romantic comedy.  The story is supposed to be based on a true story.  It was made into novel, a movie and 3 comic book versions.

The story is that a 22 year old super-geek (Train_man) goes onto a posting board for people to complain about their lack of dates.

Train_man has never had sex, been on a date, or really talked to a female.  He likes computers, anime, and the internet.  He works in an office in which everyone appreciates his computer skills but no one appreciates his social skills.

The story begins when he stops a drunk guy on a train from harassing a young woman.  She is so grateful that she sends some Hermes tea cups to thank him.

He is nonplussed by this situation and turns to his geeky online friends (who themselves are unsuccessful daters) for advice.  Fortunately, a few of them have a little social savvy and they guide and encourage him through his first few dates.

The movie is very charming.  Train_man is earnest and sweet but clueless about well, people.  Hermes (the girl’s nickname) is elegant and somewhat aloof. 

The geeks online bond in their attempts to help Train_man.  The movie reveals that their loneliness is due to their fear of confronting a complicated world.  I especially liked the trio of ultra-nerds.  They were funny.

Although I watched it with subtitles, I am convinced that I could have understood everything without it.  It’s like the Princess Diaries but with a guy who speaks Japanese.

I also liked that he tries to get to know her and find out what makes her comfortable and happy.

A lot of American movies have the man beat somebody up or win a tournament to win a woman’s heart.  Obviously the latter is what makes for a good relationship.  (that was sarcasm).

A good romantic comedy with a slight twist.


2 thoughts on “Train Man, 2005

  1. Have you seen the live-action series for this? I watched it earlier this year and though it was so sweet, though made me cringe at times, I think I become too emotively involved in series occasionally?

  2. Was it a TV series? I didn’t know about it. There could probably be a lot more scope for humiliating the poor guy in an ongoing series. I would like to see a his and her version of their first date, like that episode in Couplings with the Russian (?) woman.

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