As the movie starts, Eve (Jane Wyman) is driving her crush Jonathan (Richard Todd) away from a police who are searching for him.  She asks what’s up.

He tells her in an extended flash back that he’s been having an affair with a successful stage actress Charlotte (Marlene Dietrich).  Charlotte got in a deadly fight with her husband, and begs Jonathan to help her.  He goes to her house to get a new dress because she has blood on the one she’s wearing.  He stages a robbery break-in to cover up the murder but he’s seen by a servant.

Now he has come to Eve for help. Eve is hurt when Jonathan reveals that he prefers Charlotte to her but she hopes to win him over somehow.  Her very eccentric father (Alastair Sim)  thinks she should give up her infatuation with Jonathan.  Eve pushes this advice aside and wants to concentrate on pinning the murder on Charlotte.

There are a few twists and turns and some humor.  I thought everyone did a good job.  It’s not much of a thriller but it is fun.  I’d watch it again.


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