One! Hundred! Demons! by Lynda Barry

I was a bit nervous of this one because the artwork seemed busy – too bright, too many things to look at. So I didn’t try to read it for a long time. I’m sorry I waited because it’s wonderful. She’s very, very honest and I almost expected the characters to walk out of the pages because they were so real.

I read this a little while ago and my memory is fuzzy. I think the title is from a spiritual practice of drawing things from your past that hurt. Some of the stories are the lost past, some hurts she’s overcome, and some hurts just linger.

I loved the bit about how people’s houses smell different – fun.

The one story that stood out was the one about hate. My brother and I had had a conversation similar to this story a few days before I read it. I think the whole story is at

The saddest story was of a friendship that she abandoned and now wishes she hadn’t.

Barry’s really good. Don’t mind the bright colors, most of the stories are dark enough.


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