Spies was directed by Fritz Lang, a director that I’m appreciating more and more with each movie of his I see.  (Dr. MabuseSiegfried, Metropolis).

Spies is about super-spy No. 326 who falls for Sonja, a spy working for the villain Haghi.  These spies and others double-cross each other and then double-cross each other again, just to make sure.

First of all, I want (Gerda Maurus) Sonia’s evening dress (scroll down a bit).  It’s the one she wears at the beginning of the movie.  I would hang it up like Kaylee at the end of “Shindig” and look at it.  So pretty.

The main character No. 326 (Willy Fritsch) looked scruffy and more contemporary at the beginning of the movie when he was doing his undercover work.  It was a little unnerving to when he transmogrified into the 1920s leading man but I adjusted to it.

The villain of the movie Haghi (Rudolf Klein-Rogge) was surely the precursor to the Bond villain – all he needed was a cat.

The movie was a lot of fun and while I didn’t think it got started for awhile, once it did the tension never let up till the last frame.  Thanks for for your suggestion, Andy.


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