I actually saw a movie on the big screen this weekend with my friends.  I thought the movie was neither better nor worse than the TV show. I liked the show and I liked the movie. 

Plot: Homer gets a pet pig.

I have to say that Alaska looks beautiful;  hot cocoa looks tasty; I want a spider pig.  In response to Maggie, I don’t see why not.

The audience was almost as entertaining as the movie.   There was audience member, a  man I think, who fell asleep sometime during the movie.  His snores were noticeable to my friends and me because we were sitting in the row in front of him.

During a quiet moment between Marge and Homer, the snores became epic.  A whole section down, somebody asked, “Is he OK?” Fortunately, most of the movie was action-oriented and the snores were less noticeable.

My other favorite audience member was a little girl right in front of me.  She was immersed in the movie, reacting to the jokes and giving advice to the characters.  During the movie’s climax, she could barely keep her seat for anxiousness over Simpsons’ fate.

I was disappointed with the trailers.  Most of them were kids’ movies toward which I feel neutral.  But these all seemed horrible, especially the Hot Rod one.  If the trailer meanders and strains for its jokes…

I will probably see Rush Hour 3.  Like those guys.


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