Yuri tends horse

So, I got two new Red River manga (no. 8 & 9) (image anime pavilion)

I like a story in which heroes question their motives or overcome their fears to fight for justice. I like it when they act compassionately regardless of the personal cost.

In these two books, Yuri becomes this kind of hero.


Book 8: After the attack on her company, Yuri feels compelled to return to Hattusa and report what really happened. She meets a mysterious Egyptian soldier who helps her travel back. But, aside from Prince Kail, no one believes her message.


Book 9: Yuri has gone to defend her Prince Kail’s reputation from an upstart who claims to be Ishtar. Yuri does not convince anyone that she is Prince Kail’s concubine, and gets thrown into a camp of people suffering from the 7-day fever.


Prince Kail has gotten past lust or infatuation for Yuri. Now he loves and understands her. This doesn’t mean that he feels compassion for anybody besides her yet. Compassion is probably not a helpful trait for a would-be world conqueror. Still, this is a fantasy, so I have hope.

I found a shrink wrapped copy of volume 16 in the bookstore. When I showed it to my sister, she didn’t even have to read the warning label on the cover. She said, “Ooooh! That means Yuri and Kail get some sexin’ time.”

He only has 6 books to become worthy of Yuri. I wonder if he will manage that in time.


*Big Damn Hero(s). Reckon you’re not a Browncoat. Text Explanation.

note: books 35 & 36


6 thoughts on “Red River: Yuri is a Big Damn Hero*

  1. i love that book so great also why not that person who wrote that book should add make movie ? i hope that person will make that movie i will love to watch same story red river

  2. I am fascinated by her character. The book compels me to do something good. Yuri is so strong both mentally and physically. I love the series Anatolia Story very much. Hopefully it will become a movie.

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