First day of my encyclopedia of me game.

B is for BABY NAME BOOKS. This is my secret weakness. I love these things. I think I have about 6 now.

Instead of counting sheep, I used to list the prettiest names I could think of in alphabetical order. I usually fell asleep around J. That’s too bad because I could have used Percival if I had gotten that far.

A few weeks ago, I visited my mother and we went to the library. She pointed out a baby name book in the new books section to me. “Yeah,” I said, “I own it.” For some reason, this made her laugh and we got a librarian’s stare.


B is also BABY ISLAND by Carol Ryrie Brink. I read this book to pieces. It’s about 2 girls traveling on an ocean liner that sinks. They end up on a desert island with a bunch of toddlers. They build a shelter and keep the babies fed and clean. Eventually, they discover that they are not alone on the island. Unrealistic? Hell yeah!

Babysitting castaways. How much cooler can you get?


Tomorrow: C is for animation


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