C is for Cartoons

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I’ve loved cartoons as far back as I can remember. I struggled to learn to read so I wouldn’t have to wait for a grownup. I love them animated and static.

I love ’em sweet (Lilo & Stitch), adventurous (The Incredibles), disturbing (Perfect Blue), and silly (Animaniacs).

I like them static too. I don’t care if they are called comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, fumetto, las historietas, manga, manwha, BDs, or whatever.

Reason: I guess it was because my mother gave me Little Lulu, Rupert Bear, Tintin & Asterix when I was little. I discovered Elfquest when I was a kid and that blew my mind. My parents also refused to have a television till I was 15.


And C is also for Charm School by Elizabeth Watasin

Bunny is going to magic school with various monsters to become a witch. She’s dating Dean, a biker and mechanic. Dean is also a vampire. Bunny meets Fairer Than, a rebellious fairy. Cue love triangle.

Bunny is adorable. She’s blonde and pert and yet warm hearted. She’s becoming a pretty strong witch too.

Dean is fairly no-nonsense for a vampire. But she’s heavily pressured by her powerful family.

Fairer Than gets to wear lovely outfits. She’s super strong and resolute in winning Bunny but she has some hurt in her background.

Watasin’s art work is very appealing. She used to work for Disney, I think. The story is by turns sweet and very, very funny.


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