D is for Dogma directed by Kevin Smith. Even though I think Clerks II is probably his best movie, I’m fond of Dogma. It’s the most ambitious thing I think he has attempted.

The story is that two angels (Matt Damon & Ben Affleck) were thrown out of heaven and they plan to exploit a loophole to get back in. If they manage it, they’ll trip a theological land mine and wipe out existence. God’s out of commission and so a motly group are gathered to stop them.

I like the story but I love the cast. Alan Rickman is at his delightful long-suffering best and I adore him. All by himself, Chris Rock is funnier than the whole rest of the movie. Jay and Silent Bob are there too, which makes it just about perfect.

Someday, I hope Smith tries something this ambitious again. Maybe with a little less talking poo monster.


D is Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. Menolly’s late mentor had encouraged her musical inclinations because she has talent. But her father denies her this outlet and she runs away to live in the wilderness. There she imprints firelizards which are minature dragons.

I liked Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. Dragondrums didn’t do much for me. Menolly was the perfect teenage victim. She just wants to play her kind of music but nobody understands her so she runs away.

She is also the perfect teenage victor. She proves herself to be braver, more talented, more sensitive and just all around cooler than anybody else.

These two books and Nerilka’s Story are my favorites of the whole Pern series.


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