G is for my grandmother’s Garden

Years ago, my family visited my grandmother one summer.  She and I had a habit of getting up earlier than the others.  We drank coffee and talked on her front porch.

The mornings were quiet and our conversations were trivial.  When I enjoyed the most was marveling at all the flowers she had planted.  I especially remember the bright azaleas with their thick stalks.

 I’ve read about women wanting to wear purple and red.  But, when I am old, I want to drink coffee early in the morning and gaze at the azaleas I’ve planted.


G is for Goddess Within by Roger and Jennifer Woolger .   The book is about female archetypes based on Greco-Roman myths and it had a quiz to determine which one you were.  I made my women friends take the quiz, they were all Venus/Aphrodite.  The other goddesses were Ceres/Demeter; Juno/Hera/; Proserpina/Persephone; Minerva/Athena; Diana/Artemis.

 I had read about Jung in a psych intro class but that didn’t inspire me the way this book did.  I read a couple of his books before it went beyond my comprehension level.

One of the best things from Goddess Within was the film list in the back that pointed to archetypes in popular movies.  This list was the inspiration for the website I’m working on.

 I also liked Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Goddesses in Everywoman and Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women who Run with the Wolves.


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