H is for Halloween. Halloween is one of my two favorite holidays. I like jack-o-lantern carving parties, and I like roasting the pumpkin seeds after they are lit and sitting in the windows. I like decorating the house with cobwebs and spiders and gooey bloody handprints. I like the movies and the music. I like choosing the good candy to give out to pirates and elves. I like the trivia and the silly jokes. I like the fall festivals that the community sets up for kids. I like the languid goth fans and the special-effect fans. I like telling ghost stories by candlelight.

I think I will add more this later, my time is up


2 thoughts on “H is for Halloween

  1. I absolutely share your love for this fantastic holiday! Your post brings forth many great Halloween feelings and memories as well. I’ll definitely be checking back to see what you’ve added to this post.

    John Wolfe (Season of Shadows)

  2. Hi John,

    Halloween is so close, now. I’ve been working a Halloween movie project for my brother this year, and it’s certainly gotten me in the mood.

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