I’ve gotten out of the way of doing this since I was on vacation, and now I feel too self-conscious to finish anything. Of course, at this point, I’m sure no one’s paying attention anyway. I don’t even want to look at my stats. *deep sigh*

Here goes:

The Internet is my favorite toy ever. It has the truth about urban legends, word games with hens, quirky comic strips, and videos of vending machine reviews. There are Sailor Moon personality quizzes, lol cats, and information on medical breakthroughs. People share their grocery lists, their pain-filled recovery from sexual assault, and their co-worker’s foibles. I love the Internet because in one click, it goes from shallow to enriching.

One of my favorite sentiments about reading is that it temporarily allows you to see the world through some one else’s eyes. I have been able to see through many, many eyes via the Internet.

(Some eyes were more than a little wrong. But we can exclude them.)

Nevertheless, for all the delightful, gently eccentric, and deeply thoughtful people whose eyes I’ve borrowed: I thank you.


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