Ozma of OzOf all Frank L. Baum’s books, Ozma of Oz was my favorite. The basic story is that Dorothy washes ashore on Oz with a hen. She joins Queen Ozma on a quest to save the royal family of Ev from the Nome King.

My favorite part was the obstacle of the giant robot who pounds the path with a giant mallet. They don’t blow up the robot. Each member has his or her own way of getting through. It’s tense and they don’t all make it.

The kingdom of the (g)nomes was spooky with all the laughing and shadows. I loved that the Nome King threatens them, not with death, but with becoming small ornaments. They have to identify the transformed Ev family among his collection or the Nome King has the right to keep them as bric-a-brac forever. The horror!

I also loved the woman who changed her appearance to suit her mood. She didn’t bother with a closet full of clothes or lots of makeup or wigs.

No, she had a cabinet full of heads which she would exchange periodically. It wasn’t gross or gory, just weird. The lady starts coveting Dorothy’s head but Dorothy won’t trade hers for a “cast off” head. I think the potential for freaky was underused there.


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