R is for Rain. I actually like rainy days – though it is slightly inconvenient to be caught in the rain with books or papers. I like watching the earthworms crawl across the sidewalks. I like the fresh air as the rain sweeps in. I like sitting at a window and watching the rain fall. Sometimes, I like to covertly step in puddles.  Then I get carried away and actually stomp in the next one.  Everything looks misty and richer when the rain is done.

S is for Sea Princess Azuri is by Erica Reis. In her story, there are different kinds of merpeople: whale-based; eel-based; squid-based. Princess Azuri has been pledged to marry the leader of a rival sea kingdom. He is determined to do his duty and marry her but it’s not his pleasure. Azuri wants to ensure peace as well but she is in love with a member of her royal guard Thalo. She denies that it’s serious when her feelings are discovered but the prince may not be as understanding.

I like this little comic book but it may not be for all tastes. The artwork is definitely in the style of shojo manga. Azuri is pretty but looks sturdier than most manga heroines. I doubt the storyline will become as grim as some shojo manga I’ve read. I think she has a sequel out.


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