New territory for me. Here is the 5 book challenge list for good true adventures.



The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz – In 1940, 7 guys in a war prison escape across the Siberian arctic with only an axe.

Alive by Piers Paul Read – 1972, 45 people on a plane crash into the Andes. 16 people live, some by resorting to cannibalism. (I saw the movie but couldn’t sort out who anybody was.)

Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger – 1991 – a perfect storm – that is it can’t get any worse – hits Andrea Gail, a fishing boat with 6 men. They all die.

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer – 1996, 8 people climb Mt. Everest, 5 of them die. Edit: reading Touching the Void instead.

No Horizon So Far by Liv Arnesen – 2 women traveled across the Antarctic on foot in 2000.

eh, staying inside this weekend.


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