I’d heard the music before. I have seen the Lon Chaney version – excellent movie. But, on the whole, I’m not very familiar with Phantom of the Opera. Several people I know are very devoted fans, so I was curious.

The story: a woman has a weird mentor who doesn’t like it when she gets a boyfriend. They sing about it.

It feels very adolescent to me. I don’t mean that as a slur at all. It just feels like a young person’s take on the world. Everything bursts with beauty, emotion and importance. The movie is lovely to look at with all those roses and candles and gorgeous costumes. One of the people I was watching it with really loved the lit candelabras rising from the muck.

I watched it with a sincere fan, her boyfriend who had not seen it, and girl who had seen it before. The fan was dismayed because the other two picked up on the adolescent qualities and made up their own dialog and sang their own lyrics. I felt sorry for the fan because she was quite hurt about it. They were unrepentant.

But they were funny. I particularly liked their take on “The Music of the Night” duet. The, um, revised lyrics went along these lines: “I’ve got a pimple and I can never see the light of day and I have stay in the wet basement for the rest of my life.” Except their version rhymed.

The comments from the unrepentant pair got worse as the movie went on and I was laughing too much to get into the pathos of the story. At the very end of the movie, an unrepentant one turned to us and said, solemnly, “This is what happens when you don’t let a boy play with his monkey.”


3 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera (2004)

  1. Murcia, Thanks for not dismissing me out of hand. Hope you enjoy it, it’s my first attempt at 42! Love the look of your site and will have a good look round.

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