Ember is a twisted retelling of Cinderella. In this story Prince Charming is a jerk and Cindrella is a dangerous woman to cross.

Dionne Galace (Bam) is hosting the serial Thursday posting of chapters of Bettie Sharpe’s novella.

Adrian Juste (Prince Charming) had a “charm” spell placed on him at birth and he did not acquire the moral character to resist the helpless adoration that the spell brings him. What it doesn’t bring him is Ember (Cinderella).

Ember is no big-eyed ingenue – she is a powerful witch. She is also independent and well-educated, and she hates being coerced by anyone or anything.

Here’s hoping Cinderella takes Charming down a peg or three. (Oh, and it’s meant for grownups. Violence, sex, etc.)

Part I

Part II

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