I got this short graphic novel, Sorcerers and Secretaries, at the library and I loved it so much that I bought it and plan to get the sequel soon.

Amy Kim Ganter writes and draws the romantic misadventures of a introverted fantasy-lover, Nicole. She works as a secretary and is lonely and unfulfilled so she retreats into her favorite fairy tales and the fantasy novel she is writing.

Her mother’s injunctions and a womanizer-in-training Josh change things for her. Josh wants the one woman who hasn’t succumbed to his line and at the same time her mother is urging her to open up a little.

Nicole used to have a crush on him when they lived in the same apartment building – until she realized that his only ambition is to make as many conquests as possible.

She gives Josh one more chance but that turns out to be a mistake…

Her artwork is quirky but gentle and she puts in funny bits that don’t depend upon super deformed style. It is perfect for a modern day fairy tale. I like her coloring choices on the cover and I wish that the book was in color but that’s alright.

It wasn’t until I visited her website Felaxx.com that I realized Ganter had done the character designs for one of my favorite games Plantasia, which is a micro-management game with the cutest plants and grubs ever.

On her website, she has some short pieces and a very long comic series Reman Mythology (250 pages!) that she is no longer updating. I’ve been reading it and it’s very good as well. She says she plans to publish the revised version and I hope she does. Her work is charming.


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