Rachel Gibson was on my 5 book challenge list for the romantic comedy.

Lola Carlyle, former lingerie model, has recently been humiliated by her wretched ex-fiance. He uploaded private pictures of her to his website. Now, she’s hiding out in the Bahamas on a boat with her obnoxious dog Baby Doll and trying to recover from the public scandal.

She wakes up to find a secret agent man named Max has stolen her friend’s boat. He’s trying to escape his would-be killers. Neither of them are happy to see the other. Havoc ensues as they each try to control the boat and each other. A lot of havoc – which results in a disabled, understocked boat.

It reminded me a lot of Overboard: she’s spoiled and he’s a jerk and they both have secrets. But overall, I would describe it as a romantic adventure rather than a romantic comedy. There are a lot of lost-at-sea adventures, and the killers show up again, and she is good at getting into trouble. He rescues her a lot.

The staring contest between the dog and the guy had me smiling.

I think my problem is that I’m not a huge fan of adventures fiction (which is going to make the true life adventure challenge interesting). I found the dog Baby Doll irritating and not adorable like Fred in Anyone But You. Max and Lola didn’t do much for me at first but I warmed to them by the end.

Gibson’s very popular since all her books are constantly checked out in my library, except this one. I might try another one to see if a different scenario might be funnier for me.


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