I’m off to the Sugoicon, Yeah!

I’ll be back by Monday by the latest.

Manga, manga, manga, manga, manga.


6 thoughts on “SugoiCon

  1. Hi Misa-Misa,

    I am sad to report I went as just myself. ^^;

    I was with the tall guy with the beard (my brother) and I wore a red jacket but I doubt if we stood out much.

    What about you? Did you go as Misa-Misa (with dark hair)?

    The con was lots of fun. I hadn’t been to it since 2004, and a few things were different but I had a great time. My brother was a newbie and he enjoyed it too.

  2. It’s probably not good for your hair to bleach it too much. My brother is sending me the photos that he took. I can’t wait to post a few of them.

  3. Sorry I haven’t replied. I forgot about this site ^^;. Thats cool! I haven’t seen much really, quite sad.

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