SugoiCon – Friday

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Friday, we arrived at 3:30 for registration.

We knew we were at the right place because my brother saw people with multicolored hair and I saw cars with geeky bumper stickers. e.g. “If only life were as simple as Evangelion.” hee.

It had a “knight” theme with suits of armor and rooms named Friars Hall and Ivanhoe. We wandered around the halls trying to find things and got lost because it was very confusing. Later on, it was easier to find our way around.

We saw School Rumble about an ordinary girl who falls in love with a handsome fellow classmate and at the same time, a male juvenile delinquent falls in love with her. They think up the same kinds of plans to win the object of their affection. We both thought it was funny.

We ate lunch in the car and planned what we wanted to see for the rest of the day.

When that was done we waited for the Steve Conte concert but he had either missed his flight or his flight had been delayed. After we waited a while, we moved on.

We went to see Pumpkin Scissors – about a noblewoman who joins army intelligence to troubleshoot and rescue citizens of the devastated society that war has left behind. It was very emotional and quite tense. I was separated from my brother and at the end of the episode, I went to join him and I commented that I still thought the name was lame. A girl sitting beside him assured me that that was typical for rather bizarre English words to be used for names and she gave me several examples.

(still think it’s lame and Theron Martin agrees with me about the name: ” One has to wonder what Ryoutaru Iwanaga, the manga-ka for the manga on which this anime is based, was thinking when he named this series. Did he just stick together two English words which sounded cool as a combination without understanding that they not only don’t fit together, but sound positively silly?”)

Minimalist Webcomics was the best pick ever. James Hatton (In His Likeness), Jennie Breeden (Devil’s Panties) and Dan Hess (Realms of Ishikaze) were so funny. They told stories about hate mail which they don’t receive. In His Likeness is actually posted on church notice boards. Jennie Breeden told stories about her leaf blower that she uses at the DragonCon to blow up the kilts of unsuspecting men.

They talked about various story lines. In His Likeness has the Internet is marrying a jpg of Rita Hayworth. Breeden was shocked that the Internet didn’t even rate a gif much less streaming video. Devil’s Panties is about guerrilla shopping trips with family members, and a kind of mellow Jesus who sometimes smokes pot. Realms of Ishikaze is about role playing games from inside the game.

They kind of hijacked the Do’s and Don’ts of Con Dating, though to be fair they asked several times who was in charge of it. The lady who finally showed up was a bit snippy. But they were pretty funny. They reminded us to bathe and use protection (and they didn’t mean our mystic shields). Hatton suggested that we not explain the entire plot of the latest comic we’d read. “So, Wolverine and Hulk were fighting on a mountain and then Wolverine stabbed Hulk with his claws and then Hulk (because his gamma-irradiated blood is regenerative) got better and pound on Wolverine’s head.” But, he said, if the person in question objects because “Wolverine has the regenerative power not Hulk – then marry her.”

We dropped by the Human Chess but the game was fairly advanced and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Anime Hell – This one was fun but they were still using the tiny screens at that point. Later on, they projected onto the walls. I liked the FISH, FISH, FISH song. There was a weird animated short about a little girl running into the street for a baseball and getting run over by a truck.

One of the clips was called Beat Kids in which a child interviewed a butcher. Near the end of the creepy-funny segment, the kid asks the butcher how the animals are killed, did somebody kill them with a knife. The butcher said they have machines to do that. Suddenly, the screen went blank but the audio was still going and we could hear the kid chanting, “stab him! stab him! stab him!” It turns out that somebody tripped over the video cord and disconnected it. The coordinator asked what we wanted to do to the person who’d tripped. It was pretty unanimous to “stab him! stab him!”

Whose Line is it Anime? – This was funny because it was a carded event and my brother and I pulled out our IDs and showed the security and then one of the organizers (I think Mike Beuerlein) was running to join the panel and the security guy demanded his ID. He finally showed his staff badge and was let in. But we were exhausted at this point, and decided to leave before it was over.


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