We missed seeing the Studio Ghibli panel because we were both very tired.

I think we shopped on Friday but I’ll put it here. We went around the whole room and looked at everything carefully. We learned about the lazy college students portrayed as tarepanda. My sister loves them and I seriously considered getting her one. (Note: she was disappointed that I didn’t.)

There was only one seller of DVDs and manga and I remember the last time we went, there were about 5 of them – odd. I intended to get a key chain this time but I didn’t find any that I liked. My brother was taken with the plushy Mario Bros. boxes and mushrooms that make video game sounds when you smacked them.

We came to the snacks table and our resistance fell. My brother bought pocky: green tea, almond, and chocolate. We both bought rice candy. I bought two kinds of chocolate swirl pocky and 2 cans of fruit drop candy (as in Graveyard of the Fireflies.) My brother also bought a bottle of soda pop with a glass marble. It took a long time to figure out how to open it but it tasted OK.

We bought The Centurion (vol. 1 of In His Likeness), Viva Las Vegas, a choose your own adventure and Meph adventures. We both bought vol. 1 of Devil’s Panties (I decided to wait for the 2nd collected volume rather than buy the individual comics. I bought a black and white version of Realms of Ishikaze, rather than the color versions.

Also buttons: “Pestilence: You are All Diseased” “War: What is It Good for? Me!” “I Love Lamp” and “geisha girl” “devil girl.” I lost the devil girl which makes me sad. Worthwhile buys all, and I’ll discuss them individually later.

Both James Hatton and Jennie Breedon were very friendly and approachable. Breedon talked to my brother about button makers (which he became fascinated by) and she told me why she chose Devil’s Panties as the name of her strip even though I’m sure she’s sick of telling the story. It turns out it was from a list of rock band names her friend had.

We checked out FLCL but it had already started and it doesn’t seem to be a series that is easy to pick up. We wandered into the Hats panel which was mellow and fun (neither of us made hats).

We watched PaniPoni Dash! which I liked but my brother didn’t much. It’s a school comedy about an eleven year old girl named Rebecca who is a graduate of MIT and teaching a homeroom class of mostly girls. In one episode, she took attendance by using nicknames and one of the girls is called “too plain and boring to have a presence.” The girl in question, Kurumi, goes catatonic and hides out under the school with stray cats.

We went to the Alternative Manga panel. I was familiar with a lot of what he said but not all of the information. I was most interested in his comment that USA was presently the home of the most innovative and experimental comics. My brother had different expectations: he wanted to learn about titles that had more challenging content (”something not set in a school”) rather than the titles with political angles that the moderator seemed to prefer. Either way, interesting.

After we found a fast food restaurant and ate, we watched the Cosplay Air Guitar and took pictures. I watched the Anime Funhouse and my brother elected to take photos of cosplayers. There were title sequences with anime gangsters, “perfect” robot servants, a fable of world without music (just noise). They had decided to project the movie on the wall rather than the tiny screen which helped a lot.

I joined my brother at the Anime Music Video contest. We got to vote on which submitted AMV we liked the best. There were some funny ones I had never seen before the submissions. Dragonball Z characters singing the “meow mix song” and other wacky stuff. I remember entries with Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, and Kingdom Hearts. The categories were “action” and “drama” and the best overall. I voted for a different entry in all three categories because it was hard to choose. A man next to my brother gave him some background information on what we were seeing.

We went to the Cosplay Skits next. Several of them were good – we especially liked the one with the man acting out a comedy monologue about convention goers. His move from casually standing around to elaborate pose for photographs was the best part. We didn’t stay to see who won.

We listened to a few songs by the Spoony Bards accompanied by impromptu interpretive dance. We watched the Wallflower preview but it wasn’t to our taste.

Then we went to Your Anime Sucks which I remembered as being funny. It still was. They wore 2 pairs of sunglasses between the three of them and were loopy until they’d chosen a title upon which they pounced. I really can’t remember enough of them to convey the full impact. But they were mostly accurate which made it very funny.

Earlier in the day, my brother had been interested in a DVD he found called Le Chevalier d’Eon and the seller didn’t know anything about it. I pointed out that it was going to be shown, so we went to see it. We both enjoyed it immensely. It is set in pre-Revolutionary France with a handsome young hero who works as an agent for the king. His sister dies under highly suspicious circumstances. When he investigates, he uncovers corruption and horror that he could never have imagined.

Slight spoiler:

At one point, the hero is surrounded by prostitutes who are zombies filled with mercury and wielding axes. It was an eye-opening scene.

We were so taken with it that we made up a song about it. The chorus was “Zombie! Zombie Streetwalkers!” I suggested as we moved outside and walked to our car that we should lower our voices. Then we looked at each other and shrugged and kept singing.

Good day.


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