We watched Boys Be which we both liked. I’ve watched another one since I’ve been home, in fact. It’s about three boys and two girls who are friends and the various romantic mishaps they experience. It’s much more sweet and wistful than it is salacious. The characters are also designed in a less stylized way.

mudkipThen we visited Name that Anime Tune which we had decided to skip. I’m glad we went because it was very enjoyable. The man who was the MC was entertaining and we thought he’d had experience with crowds too. He even played some tunes that I recognized like My Neighbor Totoro, Ranma 1/2, and Sakura Wars. One of the first contestants was wearing a mudkip mask and so the MC refused to use his real name and called him Mudkip.

Unfortunately, Mudkip only got 1 out of 8 answers right. So, his score became the one to beat. The MC told people that they had to be smarter than a mudkip and so on. The Mudkip guy had a lot of personality and he did know a lot of songs once the pressure was off, and so he played along. We applauded the winner at the end but then Mudkip came out for applause too and I’m afraid the applause was louder for him.

Next we went to the end of Japanese Folklore panel and all of the Shinsengumi
panel. I learned a lot about the real history behind the Shinsengumi – Samurai X and Kaze Hikaru were all I knew.

We were on the verge of leaving until the MC from Name that Tune came in. So, we stayed for his J-Drama panel, and he was knowledgeable and well organized. Most of the audience was unfamiliar with Japanese fictional television. I didn’t count Bambino since I’d only seen one episode. Later on, people who were more familiar with the shows came in so that was a nice mix.

I was pleased to learn that live action television series in Japan aren’t all wacky game shows. In fact, he said that it is aimed at audiences in their late twenties and early thirties. The series that follow a person’s career as a chef or a teacher sounded the most appealing. There were also series on sports, illness, family life, comedies and so on.

So, a satisfactory end to the weekend.


2 thoughts on “SugoiCon – Sunday

  1. This is the guy that ran Name that Tune and the j-drama panel. Someone linked me to your blog randomly! I’m glad you enjoyed the events so much, hopefully we’ll see you at SugoiCon next year. I also run panels at most of the ohio area conventions, so maybe I’ll see you around before then.

  2. Oh hi, Mike!

    I did enjoy both events, and the j-drama panel was eye-opening for me. Somehow I had thought that there wasn’t much to Japanese television shows. It was especially interesting to learn there are stories for an older audience.

    I would definitely like to go to SugoiCon again, and bring more people with me too. Ohio seems to have a lot of conventions to choose from.

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